REGEXPLORE: An analysis and reporting tool domain registry operators

Updated: Jun 10

REGEXPLORE is a tool to help domain registries visualise, analyse and better understand their business and sales channel data. The tool has been developed for domain registry operators however can be used for any organisation that operates a subscription based product with a sales channel.

Who is it for?

The has been developed for top level domain operators that have a channel of domain registrars that sell domains however can also be used for any organisation that manages a subscription based product and that work with resellers.

How does it work?

Users just upload aggregated registration data on their sales channel (eg. domain registrars) to the platform on a monthly basis to populate the database. This is generally done on a monthly basis. Data is used to populate a series interactive dashboards, trend charts, performance ratios, bench-marking, alerts and other analysis which help the user to better understand the status and trend of its business and individual sales partners. Many of the dashboards allow a greater deal of self-service allowing users to explore and dig into their data.

The tool is embedded within a secure containing dashboards and tables however a monthly static report on the key activity is emailed for quick reference.

What's included?

The platform is broken down into interactive dashboards pages around the following areas

  • General business activity

  • Performance ratios and related metrics, trend charts, analysis of inter-channel transfers, alerts (irregular activity) and more

  • Sales channel profiles

  • Performance ratios, growth drivers, trend charts (growth, creates/deletes, transfers etc), largest wins and losses (by transfers)

  • Market shares

  • Calculated on country (if relevant) or individual organisation.

  • Benchmarking tools

  • Trend analysis, scatter plots, ranking etc.

  • Optional extras / add-ons

  • Geographic maps: Postcode level data on customers and growth areas

  • Retail prices: Data collected from public reseller websites on retail prices

Example screen shots

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