Insights from data

About Net Knowledge

Net Knowledge is focused on data management, architecture, analytics and visualisation.  Our aim is to bring data to life through creative and interactive dashboards to highlight societal, demographic and organisation issues.  Our philosophy in data visualisation is to build views that balance creativity and beauty with best practice data analysis techniques. 

Net Knowledge was founded in 2013 by Patrick Myles as a data analytics consultancy to membership associations in the global top level domain name industry.  Whilst we continue to serve this industry, we also provide service to small and medium size business supporting their data analytics and visualisation efforts.  We are internationally focused with clients from Belgium, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and China. 

Our team

Patrick Myles is the founder and principal analyst of Net Knowledge .  He is responsible for the day to day operation, project management, data analysis and business development.   Patrick’s experience and interest lies strongly around data management and visualisation and helping organisations translate their databases into meaningful and intuitive dashboards and other reporting visualisations.  Patrick is based in London, UK

Namrata Gilada is a Data Analyst assisting in collecting, analysing and visualizing data. Her experience lies in interpreting data and turning it into useful information which can offer ways to improve a business, thus effecting business decision. Namrata also supports Patrick in business development and data reporting for clients. Namrata is based in Delhi, India

Ameet Virdee is our Information Technology Architect, who is responsible for designing and implementing technologies to both meet our business needs, and ensure we comply to security and data best practices. He is also responsible for finding opportunities to automate our established workflows so we can remain focused on innovation. Ameet is based in Melbourne, Australia.