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Melbourne, Australia


Insights from data

What we do

Net Knowledge is a data analytics and visualisation provider with speciality in Tableau development.  We are focused on SME's as well as membership and industry associations.  Key areas where Net Knowledge can help;

  • Tableau dashboard design, support and expertise (view samples)

  • Data cleaning, structuring and analysis

  • Survey drafting, design and management

  • Custom scripts in Python and R

  • Machine learning & advanced analytics

  • Interactive mapping

  • Database management

  • Web development 

Data Visualisation 

Visualising data can bring help understand and give insight. Net Knowledge is focused on data visualisation through interactive charts, maps and dashboards.  We connect with raw data sources to develop highly visual and intuitive dashboards with plenty of useful interactivity that allows users to explore the data and/or create their own visualisations. Dashboards can be published on or offline and include as much or as little customisation as you like. We specialise in Tableau however also work with HighCharts, D3 and Microsoft Power BI.

Survey design

Surveys are a useful tool to gather information customers or stakeholders. If implemented effectively, survey results can provide insights that help shape future business decisions and goals. In order to ensure accurate and reliable data, question formulation and survey structure is crucial. Net Knowledge helps organisations through every step of the survey journey from survey question structure, management (via in-house or third party tools), response collection, analysis and reporting.

Data Management

Are you still storing your data in excel files? Are they lost among multiple folders, cloud providers and users? Your organisation may have volumes of useful data that is not being stored in an accessible way and thus not providing its insight potential.  Net Knowledge offers data architecture plans and restructuring that will allow your organisation to centralise and optimise data storage and accessibility. 


About Net Knowledge

Net Knowledge is focused on data analytics and visualisation specialising in Tableau software.  Our aim is to bring data to life through creative and interactive dashboards to highlight societal, demographic and organisation issues.  , Net Knowledge was founded in 2013 by Patrick Myles as a data analytics consultancy to membership associations in the global top level domain name industry.  Whilst we continue to serve this industry, we also provide service to small and medium size business supporting their data analytics and visualisation efforts.