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REGEXPLORE is an interactive data platform specifically design for domain name registries (TLD operators).  It provides reporting and analysis of the status and trends in domain name registrations for registries using the registry-registrar model. The platform includes a series of interactive dashboards, tables and maps.

Who is it for?

The has been developed for top level domain operators that have a channel of domain registrars (however could be used for any organisation that manages a subscription based product and works with resellers).

How does it work?

Aggregated registration data is sent by the registry (eg. manual csv upload, FTP, JSON, SCP etc.) to the Net Knowledge database on a monthly basis. This data updates all dashboards dashboards in the platform from where the users can login to access the latest reporting.  Static reports are also sent to the users by email for quick reference.  

What's included?

  • Registration activity: Performance ratios and related metrics, trend charts, analysis of inter-channel transfers and more

  • Registrar profiles: Performance ratios, growth drivers, trend charts and transfers (eg largest wins/losses)

  • Anomaly detection: flags on registrars with abnormally high/low registrations by category (eg. creates, deletes etc) in a given month. Detection is based variance and standard deviation analysis.  

  • Market shares: Calculated on country (if relevant) or individual organisation

  • Benchmarking tools: Trend analysis, scatter plots, business groups, ranking etc.

  • Optional extras / add-ons

    • Geographic maps: Postcode level data on customers and growth areas

    • Retail prices: Data collected from public reseller websites on retail prices

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