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Insights from data

Our services

  • Data engineering and ETL

  • Building, hosting and maintaining data platforms

  • Tableau dashboard design, support and expertise

  • Data cleaning, structuring and analysis

  • Survey drafting, design and management

  • Custom scripts in Python and R

  • Machine learning & advanced analytics

  • Interactive geographic maps


Data Platforms | Net Knowledge has over a decade of experience building, maintenance and evolving data platforms for organisations to ensure convenient accessibility to their data.  Many organisations typically sit on quite a lot of disparate data sitting around in excel files, cloud storage and databases.  Net Knowledge can help plan and audit your data ecosystem to develop and implement a robust and professional structured storage and retrieval system along within a web platform to access the data through tables and interactive dashboards. We have experience in several web frameworks and technologies including Laravel, Wagtail, Django Wordpress and 

Data engineering and visualisation | Getting the most out of data is an art.  It requires a good understanding of the needs of the user as well as the creative ability to provide just enough detail on the visuals to convey the message.  Furthermore, a solid understand of data engineering principles is crucial to ensure the visuals are sitting on a solid foundation.  Our philosophy in data visualisation is to build views that balance creativity and beauty with best practice data engineering and analysis techniques.  

Tableau focus | Net Knowledge is a specialist in Tableau and have been working with the software extensively since 2015.  We are experienced all core products: Tableau Desktop, Online, Server, Bridge and Prep. 

Regexplore Registry Analytics | REGEXPLORE is a business intelligence data platform domain name registries.  It is an subscription service allowing a registry to plug in registration data on their sales channel (registrars) and view interactive dashboards with performance analysis, trending tools and anomaly detection.  Read more here

Survey design | Surveys are a useful tool to gather information customers or stakeholders. If implemented effectively, survey results can provide insights that help shape future business decisions and goals. In order to ensure accurate and reliable data, question formulation and survey structure is crucial. Net Knowledge helps organisations through every step of the survey journey from survey question structure, management (via in-house or third party tools), response collection, analysis and reporting.

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