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Data science needs artists

As the field of data science continues to explode in all corners of the academic and business world, there is a shortage of creative minds getting involved.

One of the most important aspects of producing any data visualisation, whether that be demonstrating correlations between google search data and human behaviour or charting out the stock price of a company, communication of data is crucial. Ensuring a chart can be read in such as way that the audience doesn't necessarily need to read several explanation paragraphs along side it is a skill and a creative one at that.

Every detail from the choice of the chart, the colours and labels used and the proportions and scales are all extremely important and should be carefully considered. This is where the creative person is needed. Without creativity and care, data risks being locked up and untapped.

To get the balance right, it's important to ensure data scientists are teamed up with creative individuals that can bring their analysis work to life giving the data the best chance to be understood.

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